Shōyu ramen bar BRNO

Shōyu was the first ramen bar in Brno, focused on a very popular japanese dish called ramen. Cozy and friendly place that combined Japanese kitsch and minimalism. No unnecessary stuff, just love for the food and culture. The way we love it!

Scope of project

August 2018 — September 2019

Brand management
Social media strategy
Idea making


Unify a diverse and unrefined appearance by creating visual identity. Make Shōyu more visible and attract new customers through the use of social media, and gradually build a love brand people will love to visit regularly.


We unified the brand by creating visual guide as well as strategy and communication manual. We developed a marketing plan and set exceeding customers expectations as the main mission, causing a positive impact on customer experience.

New beginning

Shōyu Ramen Bar, the new and almost unpainted canvas. Great opportunity to try something new in a atmosphere of our beloved Japanese culture.

It all began with a debate with the owner, we immediately clicked. Although there were huge and diverse plans, there was an essential lack of a unified visual style and determination in the sense of Shōyu’s direction and goals. We partly modified logo the owner already had, to make sure it look better and it’s much more usable.

Noodles, noodles, noodles…

Visual identity is on the edge of Japanese kitsch and minimalism, which was preceded by intense dive into the Japanese design. We seeked inspiration everywhere from interior design and other ramen bars. The main motif were intertwined noodle strands, with frequently used ingredients sprinkled in.

Great advantage of this motif is that it can to be vastly modified, so that it works on a broad spectrum of applications (for example, it really works for vouchers).

Unified visual identity

We have tested various shades of colors on different types of paper to ensure that the print output meets to our expectations. Then it was time to complete the promotional materials the bistro required.

In addition to basic prints design, we designed toilet signs, various stickers and much more.

What about exterior?

Last but not least, it was necessary to change the appearance of the exterior, which at that time looked really unsightly, thus didn’t attract many potential customers. Using the freshly made visual style, we covered the bottom part of a large glass windows with the noodle pattern to further divide interior and exterior, so that the people inside were less bothered by the passing pedestrians. Shōyu also got a new coat of paint in defined colors and we designed a backlit signs.

Everything clearly defined

The sense of visual identity as well as instructions on how to work with it is thoroughly defined in the manual of visual identity.

Good place to slurp some ramen

After a little break we came back to further explore the business. We agreed with the bar owner to complete the overall branding with strategy and social media marketing. Days upon days worth of brainstorming, research, cooking and ramen culture helped us to generate a great deal of ideas and concepts.

We essentially became a part of the business. We focused on who we are, how we want to work, what we want to say, what is our target, how we can satisfy it, what are our goals, values, etc. We then distilled extensive amount of excel tables into a brief brand manual.

Anime day

We came up with and then managed events that helped raise awareness about Shōyu. We also collaborated with other local establishments. An example is Anime day and Gyoza weekend.

The end

We tried to solve many of the burning issues Shōyu had. The goal was to strengthen relationships with regular and new customers through more sophisticated communication on social networks. The byproduct was that we created content for the upcoming blog. We regularly created audiovisual content on Instagram and Facebook.